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The aim of FRISBI is to encourage the use of technology and methodologies in an integrated manner (e.g. analysis of a system spanning different resolution levels using different techniques). However, applications are also possible for the individual FRISBI nodes where local facilities provide the specifically required techniques.

Applications for access can be submitted at any time. Periodically, special calls for access will be published with a defined deadline.

Fifth FRISBI call for funded access open

Review our Platform catalogue to select the platform(s) you need and then prepare and submit your application

Acknowledgement: In published material, please acknowledge the use of FRISBI infrastructure, expertise using the following text: This work was supported by the French Infrastructure for Integrated Structural Biology (FRISBI) ANR-10-INBS-05.

A copy of the communication / publication (pdf) should be sent to FRISBI

Result of the FRISBI access calls with subvention:

In 2015: In a total of 32 projects submitted, 25 get a FRISBI subvention. 3 were technically not feasible, 2 were not eligible for subvention and one redirected for an Instruct access submission.

In 2016: In a total of 18 projects submitted, 17 get a FRISBI subvention, one was not eligible for funding.

In 2017: In a total of 32 projects submitted, 29 get a FRISBI subvention, 3 were not eligible for funding.