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The French Infrastructure for Integrated Structural Biology (FRISBI) provides an infrastructure for integrative structural biology approaches, from the molecular to the cellular level, integrating multi-resolution data from X-ray crystallography, small angle X-ray scattering, NMR, Cryo-EM and functional data including development for protein expression and crystallization. FRISBI is open to structural and molecular and cell biologists from both academia and industry from France and Europe. A simple, transparent peer reviewed process will provide access based on its feasibility and resource availability. Applications for access can be submitted at any time. Users will be required to contribute towards the costs of access.

First FRISBI Annual user meeting 26th of November 2015

We will be pleased to welcome you during our first Annual users meeting 26th of November, at Imagif (Gif sur Yvette), Auditorium du Bat21.

The meeting will include presentation by the transversal working groups on the main topics below

Program of the meeting here

Places are limited, deadline for registration 11th of November 2015.

The registration is free but mandatory, please fill in the formular here

Registrations are closed

Applications for access can be submitted at any time: please go to "SUBMIT A PROPOSAL"

Acknowledgement: In published material, please acknowledge the use of FRISBI infrastructure, expertise using the following text: This work was supported by the French Infrastructure for Integrated Structural Biology (FRISBI) ANR-10-INSB-05-01.

Result of the 2 call access of FRISBI with subvention:

In a total of 32 projects submitted, 25 get a FRISBI subvention. 3 were technically not feasible, 2 were not eligible for subvention and one redirected for an Instruct access submission.

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