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2021-09-13 - Rendez-vous Carnot

Retrouver FRISBI aux Rendez-vous Carnot et au rendez-vous sur le thème "Research  Infrastructures and Health"

2022-02-21 - Interdisciplinary access call

Interdisciplinary access call to Structural biology, Biological imaging and Proteomics facilities

The three national infrastructures ProFi, FranceBioImaging and FRISBI along with the GIS IBiSA are pleased to announce a call for a funded access to IBiSA-labelled facilities. Our aim is to promote IBiSA facilities networking through transdisciplinary research projects.

Applications should request access to at least two different IBiSA facilities from two disciplines (structural biology, Biological imaging and proteomics). The call is open to any academic laboratory.

The amount of the financial support will be up to 5000 € per application to cover facility costs.

Interdisciplinary access call 

2022-03-09 - FRISBI listed in the new "Feuille de route nationale des Infrastructures de Recherche"

FRISBI is listed as a National Research Infrastructure in Biology and Health in the new "Feuille de route Nationale des Infrastuctures de Recherche" on the MESRI site

2022-06-14 - 8th FRISBI call for funded access open

The 8th FRISBI call for funded access to national structural biology platforms is now open.

Access to FRISBI infrastructure is possible for all scientists working in French laboratories. Scientists working at FRISBI centres cannot request funding for access to their local centre.

·         Depending on project size 250-2000 € of support is available as a contribution towards the access costs of each project (consumables, reagents and travel for one person). The number of awards is limited. The user is expected to cover any additional expenses beyond the award price.

·         Scientists may visit single or multiple FRISBI platforms for their experiments.

·         The deadline for this round of proposal submission is 30 June 2022. Proposals should be submitted via the FRISBI online proposal submission system at selected, projects should be performed within 12 months.

2022-06-14 - 7th FRISBI Call for proposals for Structural Biology Training Courses (to be held in 2023 in France) is open.

FRISBI co-finances training in France that is open to national and European structural biology communities. 

FRISBI will particularly consider training co-organised with a centre from an another infrastructure written in the “Feuille de route Nationale des Infrastructures”

Deadline for submission11 September 2022 for a course held between the 1st of January and 31st of December 2023.

Formular for application 42.3 KB