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Ultra high-intensity microfocus rotating anode X-ray generator coupled with a diffractometer for collection of diffraction data from single crystals, and a BioSAXS device for collection of diffusion data from macromolecular solutions. The variable divergence on the optics, coupled with a pixel array detector, allows for the resolution of unit cell dimensions up to 600Å.


Rigaku FR-X generator coupled with Osmic VariMax HF Arc)Sec Confocal optics and a Dectris Pilatus 300K pixel array detector on the left port, and a Rigaku BioSAXS-1000 system on the right port. This generator has a focal spot size of µm and a power of 2.97kW leading to a brillance of 1.2 x 1010 photons/sec/mm2/mR2. The VariMax Arc)Sec HF optics have a divergence range of 4.8mR - 0mR (by moving the divergence slits) leading to a maximum beam size of 0.19mm.


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