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The Titan Krios cryo electron microscope is the latest generation electron microscope with capacities for high-resolution data collection for both Cryo Electron Tomography (CET) experiments and Single Particle Analysis (SPA) with automated data collection. The electron source is a Field Emission Gun (FEG) that can be operated at 80keV, 100keV, 200keV or 300keV. An automatic loading mechanism allows mounting twelve grids at a time. This microscope is equipped with CMOS (FEI FALCON3 4K*4K and GATAN K2) high-sensitivity direct electron detector cameras, Cs corrector, phase plate and GIF.

The Tecnai F30 Polara cryo electron microscope allows high-resolution SPA and CET automated data collection. Its FEG is usually tuned to 100keV, 200keV or 300keV. The grids are manually mounted 6 at a time. This microscope is equipped with 3 digital cameras: FEI CMOS 4K*4K "FALCON", FEI CCD 4K*4K "EAGLE" and a GATAN CCD 2K*2K "ORIUS".

The Tecnai F20 is equipped with a FEG operated at 100keV or 200keV. Grids are mounted one at a time using a Gatan side-entry cryo-holder. This microscope is equipped with one digital camera (GATAN CCD 2K*2K "US10001"), it is used to collect data for cryo-SPA or room temperature electron tomography using a Fischion side-entry holder.

Cryo-EM grids are flash-frozen in a temperature and humidity controlled environment using a Vitrobot system (FEI).

Although all our microscopes are equipped with digital cameras, we can still record images on films and scan them with a high-resolution Heidelberger Druckmaschinen drum scanner ( 5 micron pixelsize).

NOTE: when asking access for Titan or Polara, please add to your proposal preliminary image of the sample in cryo condition.

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