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The isotope labelling platform of the IBS is devoted to the large scale production of proteins uniformly or specifically enriched in stable isotopes (15N, 13C and 2H) for biomolecular NMR spectroscopy studies. The platform is offering access to innovative labelling schemes, developed locally on the platform by the IBS NMR group. The platform benefits from extensive scientific contacts with the IBS high field NMR Spectroscopy and Cell-Free platforms. The isotopic labelling Platform is setting up a quality process aimed at an ISO 9001 labelling.

Activities proposed by the platform:

Users have access to the facility for large scale expression of labelled proteins inE.coli, under the supervision of a qualified platform engineer. Dedicated bench, optimised protocols and adequate isotopically labelled materials are available to users for the following services:

• Feasibility studies and adaptation of protein over-expression in perdeuterated media.

• Large scale over-expression of [15N,13C,2H]-proteins, and [13C1H3]-methyl specifically labelled proteins in highly (>98%) perdeuterated protein background.

• Training in large scale production of isotopically labelled proteins (practical experience in protein biochemistry is required).

• Development of innovative labelling scheme (collaboration only)

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